2018 Decoration Trends and Kilim Models

2018 Decoration Trends and Kilim Models

Over the years, our living conditions, our demands and our aesthetic understanding is changing. We are renovating with new furniture, modern designs and technology. There are things that never go out of style. One of them are rugs and kilim models that has a strong history.

Let’s take a look at how you will use kilims together with 2018 decoration trends.

Vintage Kilim Models on Decoration

When we say indispensable trend of last years, our mind comes to vintage. Vintage is an old-fashioned, and a never-ending fashion. Therefore, vintage kilim models are again cherry of our cheek. Antique furniture, meet with the new-style wallpaper and vintage kilims come to the rescue as complementary. In your bathroom, kitchen or salon, whereever you want, you can pair different vintage furniture with them. So, If you ask where you can find vintage kilims, we are here as Simerugs!


Kilim Touches with Velvet Fancy

Another decoration trend of 2018 is velvet sofa sets. The preferred colors are, usually we think is a very decent burgundy velvet fabric, gray, dark green and ocher tones. Velvet fabric adds elite air to used furnitures. As a result, handmade kilims are a great addition to the decor. For how to choose models, we have some suggestions for you. All these suggestions are here!

Our Houses Glorify with Herbs

Unlike large and gray buildings, decoration trend of 2018 is to decorate the house with plants. We can say the greener is better. The wall corners, the glass edges and the spaces are breathing comfortably with potted plants. As Simerugs we love green and nature too! We can say that the plants in the 2018 decoration trends also attracted us. Now close your eyes and imagine handmade kilims with green plants. It is great, isn’t it?


Gold Colored Objects and Rug Nobility

We saw more gold touches among the 2017 decoration trends. The trend remains unchanged this year, and the gold-colored objects take its place among the 2018 decoration trends too. As Simerugs, we have to combine with rug models, which is not hard at all.

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2018 Joy with Colorful Pillows

Pillow fashion, which is a perfect complement to your armchair, bed or your fireplace, continues to roam in 2018 without ever interrupting it’s wind. While the houses are cheerful with colorful pillow models, handmade kilim pillow models and furnishings find the value they deserve. If you have a question about how the kilim pillow models are, let us quickly answer to this and let’s take you here


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