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How to decorate your home with using a kilim rug with Feng Shui?

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Feng Shui and Kilim Rug Models Feng Shui is a Chinese doctrine designed to feel the energy of life at home that exists in nature. While talking about home decoration models, 2018 decoration trends, we wanted to go a bit deeper. We have combined the handmade kilim rug models with Feng Shui teaching and compiled […]

Vintage Kilim Rug Models; Modern Face of Nostalgia

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Vintage kilim rug models are among the most popular rugs of recent times. Vintage decoration is formed by combining decoration materials used between 1920-1950 with contemporary modern designs. Beyond the furniture of that turn, it also has an interior dynamics of the same turn. Kilim rugs are a type of carpet that is based on […]

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