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Vintage Kilim Rugs and Vintage Decoration Senses

Handwoven vintage kilim rugs, vintage kilim runner, kilim runner, kilim rug, red kilim runner, blue kilim runner

Use vintage kilim rugs and things for to reflect your soul to your home! As said, The most beautiful house in the world is the house where there is life in it! Each house reflects it’s own owner and his/her soul. For this reason decoration is important. From color of wall to kilim design.. Houses […]

Visual Details of Handmade Kilim Rugs

Handmade kilim rug, colorful kilim rug

Handmade kilim rugs have higher flake zones and lower flake zones. This imprecision is synonymous with natural and artisanal; in the case of mechanically made kilim rugs, kilim rug has a homogeneous flake height. Because of weving knot by knot, when we look to the handmade kilim rugs, there is a difference definitely in the […]

Kilim Rug Motifs

vintage turkish kilim rug, small vintage kilim rug, small vintage kilim, small kilim, small kilim rug

Many motifs are used in traditional kilim rugs, handmade flat-woven rugs, each with many variations, and we will take a look to kilim rug motifs in this post. In Turkish Anatolia in particular, tribal women wove themes significant for their lives into their rugs, whether before marriage or during married life. Some motifs represent desires, […]

Kilim Rug History

handmade kilim rug, kilim rug history, colorful kilim rug

Kilim rug weaving is an ancient handcraft and appears very early in all regions inhabited by nomadic Turkish groups. The oldest known knotted Turkish kilim rug known as the Pazyrik carpet. Which was discovered in a barrow-tomb in the Altai mountains, dates back to the 4th century BC (Turan ,htlm.). The Turkish arts of textile-making […]

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