5 Important Steps for Bohemian Decoration

5 Important Steps for Bohemian Decoration

If you live on a daily basis, if you do not have any financial concerns about the future such as buying a car and then buying a car, if your first aim in life is learning and if you combine this aim with art, we can just say that you are chorinic bohemian! If so, please read our writing carefully.

Maybe you say my lifestyle is not so, but bohemian decorations appeal to the soul, we invite you to read my writing too. Because we will describe the essential touchstones for the bohemian decoration.

How to Build Bohemian Decoration in 5 Steps?

1-Do not Give Up Ethnic Lines!

In the Bohemian style, first of all, the ethnic diagram is in the front plan. Objects that have a history and a story, furnitures that remind the pasta are your priorities. So, your mind has just come up with handmade kilim models, didn’t come up? The handmade kilim models complemented by materials such as an old instrument, a vintage seat or a pickup in the corner of your wall are for you.

Handmade and handmade kilims that symbolize self-sacrifice and labor symbolize a rich history at the same time. It can not be better than handmade kilim models for your home that reflects your Bohemian soul.


2- Do not be afraid to mix colors

The other one of the touchstones of the Bohemian decoration style is the colors. The usage of colors that are important for decoration, differ in bohemian decoration style. We can say, more different colors is better. You do not need to consider if it’s compatible. The important thing is the feeling of peace and freedom. If you want to reflect on your feelings, we are here.

3- You’ll Need Vintage Touches

Vintage goods are of great importance for bohemian decoration. You can move an old seat of your grandfather’s to your home,  or frame from your grandmother. What we said, the bohemian decoration likes the goods with the ethnic lines and the story. So vintage designs can be indispensable. Let’s not extend it further, we want to introduce you to our vintage kilim models. And please do not forget that our vintage kilims are handmade.



4- Let the Romantizm Finds You

A home reflects the owner of the house. If you have a bohemian spirituality, romance will not be missing from your home. Let’s imagine that you came home. You cross the colorful walls and open the music. Now it is the time to drink wine. Of course, while the bohemian kilim model accompanies you.


5- Leave the it messy.

You would be happier if you spent your time for living house, collecting it. Because of this, leave it messy. Don’t stop the music and dance freely in your home! Read books on Simerugs kilim models, listen to music and relax your soul. We know, you will feel very good!


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