Modern Love between Turkish Kilim and Minimalism

Turkish Kilim Rug and Minimalism

You’ve heard the phrase “less is more” before. Modern design trend of today’s world. But, beyond the trend, it is a lifestyle. In art, in music, in literature, we can see the reflection of this movement. Mostly we encounter it in modern decorations. Do you know about modern love between Turkish kilim and minimalism? If your answer is no, let’s go on a fun journey together in a magical world with kilim rug models.

Minimalism is a way of getting rid of excesses in a sense, making quality a way of life. The small objects are vanishing and an elite simplicity surrounds you. In this way, we need colored objects. Therefore, here is the miracle of Turkish kilim is ​​moving in.

vintage handwoven Turkish kilim rug


Vintage Turkish Kilim Rugs and Minimalist Home Decoration

You can have a perfect home decor by combining modern furniture and vintage objects.  You can prefer vintage rug varieties for minimalist decorations, where fixed colors like white and gray are usually preferred. Because, uniformity turns into harmony with vintage kilim models.  You can create a different atmosphere at your home with Vintage Rugs. It reflects the air of the past periods with the texture and color.

Patchwork Kilim Models and Minimalist Home Decoration

Patchwork is formed by connecting fabrics that are independent of each other.
The patchwork kilim is a combination of different kilim parts combined with special techniques, and an
entity that is formed with different parts. It is so modern and colorful that it conquers minimalism and
minimalistic decoration by heart. It is very suitable for both narrow spaces and large spaces.
Especially in simple designed spaces, you can prefer it because of its thin and colorful texture. If you like
patchwork designs and want to color your home with the modern touches , our Patchwork kilims are waiting for you.

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Hand woven Turkish Kilim Models and Minimalist Home Decoration

We applied the philosophy of minimalism to decoration and crowned it with handmade kilim models.
So, what could be more beautiful than the things that have story? Especially, you can complete your minimalist home decor with handmade rugs that is weaved by skilled weavers. Each knot with a separate
story, and you can frame it with a unique charm.

If “The Love between Kilim and Minimalism” affects you, you can check out our vintage kilims, vintage rugs, handmade kilims and patchwork kilims models on our web site. And, If you fall in love with one of our rug or kilim models, we will be waiting for you 🙂

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