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2018 Decoration Trends and Kilim Models


2018 Decoration Trends and Kilim Models Over the years, our living conditions, our demands and our aesthetic understanding is changing. We are renovating with new furniture, modern designs and technology. There are things that never go out of style. One of them are rugs and kilim models that has a strong history. Let’s take a […]

5 Important Steps for Bohemian Decoration

Louella grey kilim rug, new handwoven kilim rug, kilim rug, grey kilim

5 Important Steps for Bohemian Decoration If you live on a daily basis, if you do not have any financial concerns about the future such as buying a car and then buying a car, if your first aim in life is learning and if you combine this aim with art, we can just say that […]

Modern Love between Turkish Kilim and Minimalism


Turkish Kilim Rug and Minimalism You’ve heard the phrase “less is more” before. Modern design trend of today’s world. But, beyond the trend, it is a lifestyle. In art, in music, in literature, we can see the reflection of this movement. Mostly we encounter it in modern decorations. Do you know about modern love between […]

History of Persian Rug


The history of the Persian rug, which is a culmination of artistic magnificence, dates back 2500 years. Having attained a degree of perfection unmatched through the centuries, Iranian craftsmen are among the first rug weavers in history. The know-how in carpet making has been passed down from father to son as a well-kept family secret. […]

Kilim is a song which comes from the soul of the Anatolia.


Kilim is a song which comes from the soul of the Anatolia.  There is love, myserty and labour in its melody. This is a passion of hundreds of years. A rug that you choose may live longer than you. It can be inherited over generations. We don’t believe they are something only for floors, they have […]

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